Artist Showcase: Pseudoname (presented by DX Entertainment)

Pseudoname (@PseudonameBand) is an American musical act that is the brainchild of A.J. Gatio and Zac Ingle. Founded two years ago in Cincinnati, the duo has quite the following for an independent musical group on Twitter alone. Having over 5,000 followers among various sites is a good start and the group is just going to bring in new fans as they start to play live. Right now on ReverbNation, Pseudoname is the 20th ranked Alternative act in Columbus, OH. It is because of their solid originals and brilliant covers that they get to show what they have on the live stage on Friday, October 24 at King Avenue 5 in Columbus (just two miles southwest of the Ohio State University campus).

Along with ReverbNation, Pseudoname’s music is available for indie music lovers’ pleasure at multiple sites.  The group posts several of its tracks on YouTube with lyric videos.  “Fly” is a radio-ready track that is among the elite tunes in their repertoire. “Black Dress” is another track that is available for listening on YouTube in addition to the Summer Single Series on Bandcamp. The two-man band is also superb at performing other band’s singles.  English band The 1975 had a hit in the States earlier this year with “Chocolate”, however Pseudoname’s version is right on par with the major label act’s version.  “Robbers” is another well-done cover that hopefully will make the band’s playlist next month.. All of their tunes should be a hoot to hear live and in living color.

Pseudoname has other tracks available for one’s listening pleasure as part of the EP Good Love Is On the Way, which is an iTunes exclusive. The five-song album was released this past spring.  Perhaps tunes from this record will be part of their arsenal in six weeks. Also included on the October 24 show is throwback / electronic soloist Nick Frye and an act to be named later.  It is bound to be a fun night of independent music for the low price of $5.00 with a 9:00 PM showtime.  Bring your friends and bring your wallet to the party before celebrating a Buckeye football victory the day after.


Southern Solo Artist Is Set To Break The Mold

Dallas pop artist Boy Epic (@BoyEpic) ranks #1 on ReverbNation and has his take on Top 40-music available at iTunes. Not much is known about the personal side of the man behind Boy Epic, and quite frankly it is a genius marketing strategy. It adds to the mystique and intrigue of the artist. Furthermore, it places the emphasis on the music itself.

Boy Epic has covers of established chart-topping tracks posted on social media in addition to his original tunes. “Unfaithful” is a song that, if there is justice, will take its rightful place on “American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest”. It is a track that holds its own with other pop stars’ hits, some of which are remade by Boy Epic.

The only way to really know what Boy Epic’s music is all about is to listen for oneself. On the other hand, if there is additional coaxing involved, think Katy Perry-esque tunes combined with the vocals of Kill Hannah’s Mat Devine. That would be the best way to describe the unique style of this star on the rise.

Enjoy the music video above for a Boy Epic original, which is up to over 17,000 views on YouTube and, if all goes well, should go viral. He may be unsigned, but more than likely a deal will be inked. That is, if the labels know what is best for business.

Americana For The Soul

Country soul singer Brigitte DeMeyer (Twitter: @BrigitteDeMeyer) has been honing her craft of creating soothing cafe music the last several years. On YouTube, there are an abundance of videos showcasing her smooth vocals with sharp yet laid back harmonies. Americana music lovers should embrace the sounds of DeMeyer, who could have hits on the Country and AC charts with the right marketing to radio stations.

For instance, on the bluesy “When I’m Gone”, this is an ideal song that should be part of the soundtrack to the TV series “Nashville”. It is amazing the beautiful music she can make with a backing band consisting of a classical bassist and a fellow acoustic guitarist. This is the type of song one can enjoy walking down the street, wolfing down a latte at your local coffee house, or hanging out with the family dog in the backyard sipping lemonade. DeMeyer’s music is about substance versus style and less theatrics are more effective in letting the music speak for itself.

“Somebody, Please” is another song that has value in telling a story instead of being a song just to make a buck and get a bunch of empty clicks. There is a place where music like DeMeyer’s can thrive and she will ultimately find her groove and make her way up the mainstream pipeline. “The Tonight Show” doesn’t book hip-hop and pop acts every night.

Regarding live events, Brigitte DeMeyer is back in action on Saturday, November 16 in Naples, FL. She has an abundance of live performances recorded online. That will give fans a taste of what they can expect at upcoming gigs. Fans of Jewel, Norah Jones, and Sara Watkins should add DeMeyer to their playlists for more prestigious well-written and beautifully performed tunes that are relaxing and family-friendly.

Ed Sheeran May Get The Attention, But This Bloke Could Give Him A Run For His Money

Englishman Tom Odell is slowly making a name for himself in the States, something that “The A-Team” singer Ed Sheeran has done in the last couple of years. The song featured in this video ranks at #46 on the Adult Rock Chart this week. The downside is that it is down from last week, when it was ranked at #39. Hopefully, this lad with the Alex Band looks and the haunting, brooding voice will continue to make an impact. The video is up to over nine million views on YouTube.

Perhaps RCA Records will market Odell to the Hot AC and Alternative markets. They have fumbled in the past with acts like Damone and Longwave, but it would really be a shame if they let Odell fall through the cracks. Come see and hear what nine million viewers have discovered.

Genre-Bending Song Should Have Made A Bigger Impact On The Charts

Ethiopian-born and American-bred Kenna released this track in 2003 and it should have have a bigger impact at that point in time. “Freetime” was a tune that was fresh, hip, and unique. The unfamiliarity may be the reason this track went widely unnoticed. It has less than a quarter-million views on YouTube, which is more than expected considering the limited success. The song reached #19 on Billboard’s Dance Chart, however, that is as far as it went. Give it a listen and check out some of Kenna’s recent work as he has a new record out. This phenomenon is worth your while.

This Track Has an Uphill Battle, But Top 20 Should Be Doable

This female-fronted band has yet to have a single hit the Billboard Top 40, but on Mediabase’s Active Rock Chart this tune is at #46. The track has been used in commercials and should have more views and spins and maybe with time it will. Being on an indie label, it will be a daunting task. Is it your cup of tea? There is only one way to find out.