Longwave’s Frontman Returns With A New Musical Act

Steve Schiltz now leads @hurricanebells, a group that emerged after the hiatus of ex-RCA group Longwave. The former band released two records under that label and although they were highly regarded, the radio programmers did not show the band much love. To this day, Longwave has yet to yield a Billboard Top 40 hit along any chart.

Hurricane Bells has been active since 2009 and has technically already charted in that Schiltz contributed to The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack, which reached the Billboard 200 Albums Chart. An EP was released three years ago and more music has been released since then. Schiltz has a bevy of contributors to the act and when on tour the band is a quartet. It is unknown when the group will be back on the road, but from the Facebook buzz regarding the group, attendance is mandatory at their live shows.

From the views of the video above for one of the group’s most notable tracks, Schiltz has surpassed the success of his prior band. Longwave received a raw deal from radio stations, but marched on making respected music on their terms. This is a results-driven business, however. Hurricane Bells appears to be doing quite well and in 2014 the momentum should continue.