Sounds of Seattle Band a Strong Indicator of a Successful Future

Seattle’s Peace Mercutio (@peacemercutio) is a quartet that is on its way to big and bright things in 2014. The group originally formed in Milwaukee and made their way westward to the Grunge capital. 2011 was a very big year for the group as their full-length record Weather The Storm was released to digital retailers. Ever since, things have looked up for the band. They have received airplay on over 130 college radio stations and given their easy-on-the-ears sound, the trend should continue to mainstream alternative stations should the band secure a record deal. Honestly, they seem to be doing just fine without a contract, which gives Peace Mercutio the freedom to do things on their terms.

The group is about to go out on the road with popular Radio U artists The Classic Crime and Emery and the western U.S. tour kicks off on Friday 1/24 in their backyard of Seattle. Word of mouth from live events is a smart way for a budding artist to expand their band and build their fan base. By already having material available for fans to purchase, this group is well on the way to generating more revenue and increasing their awareness. If all goes well, it is fathomable for Peace Mercutio to take part in an eastern tour one day.

What does Peace Mercutio sound like? Per the band’s official bio, they drop a who’s who of respected groups such as Jimmy Eat World and Anberlin. There is only one true way to find out about the group’s sound and that is to check out the video included. The band, consisting of dual vocalists and guitarists Andy Lundman and Dan Buckley bring an uncommon and fresh concept to sharing the lead. Rounding out the group are Taylor Jurgens on drums and bassist David Oquist. The single posted here is just a mere taste of what this artist on the rise has to offer. It is in music consumers’ best interest to remember the name Peace Mercutio as 2014 is bound to be huge.


R&B Singer-Songwriter On The Rise And Breaking Hometown Stereotypes

Seattle native Tess Henley (@TessHenley) is a force to be reckoned with as a soulful artist with a pop side. This is fascinating as the Seattle area is best known as the hotbed for artists such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. It is refreshing to have an artist who has the ability to move the meter and break stereotypes. This is evident in her video “Who Are You”, which has Top 40 hit all over it. She has been part of shows that were headlined by R&B superstars Jill Scott and Anthony Hamilton. Alicia Keys, Fiona Apple, and Vanessa Carlton better look over their shoulders. There’s another piano player on the scene and she plays for keeps.

Henley, no relation to Eagles member Don (as far as we know), is ready to blow up and should be confident heading into this new year. Three years ago was a big period in her career, as she won the 2011 Independent Music Award for Best R&B Song (“Boy In The Window”) and the International Songwriting Competition. This demonstrates Henley’s ability to perform and pen tracks. There are complaints from the general public about one-dimensional musical acts. Henley is a breath of fresh air, clearly capable of being able to write her own music, play an instrument, and have the vocal chops to pull off the total package.

Henley’s debut full-length record High Heels & Sneakers is available now at online retailers and features “From The Get Go” and the song featured here. She is doing well with Twitter followers considering she is an independent artist and is #2 R&B artist in Seattle on ReverbNation. 2014 should be a huge year, so be on the lookout for Tess Henley to take the music world by storm. She can write, sing, play, dance, and look good doing it.

Despite Not Having A Proper Chart Hit, Musician Keeps Plugging Away

Aqueduct (@AQUEDUCTmusic) started off as a solo act of Tulsa, OK native David Terry and has evolved over the years. To ply his trade, Terry relocated to Seattle and began getting opening slots for popular groups Modest Mouse and The Flaming Lips. This led to his second overall release ‘I Sold Gold’ featuring “Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights”, as seen in the featured video. Around the release of the Barsuk Records CD, the song was performed live on “Last Call with Carson Daly”. Although it did not make any Billboard charts, the track was featured in a commercial and the Ryan Reynolds comedy “Waiting…”.

Lately, Terry has added official band members and is headed back in the studio in Texas to work on a follow-up to the 2007 record ‘Or Give Me Death’. Aqueduct did a handful of gigs this past September and, as this is being written, will be part of the Barsuk Records 15th Anniversary show tonight in Seattle with Ra Ra Riot. Until a new record is released and they are in a town near you, please enjoy the song that should have been a Top 40 hit.