Genre-Bending Song Should Have Made A Bigger Impact On The Charts

Ethiopian-born and American-bred Kenna released this track in 2003 and it should have have a bigger impact at that point in time. “Freetime” was a tune that was fresh, hip, and unique. The unfamiliarity may be the reason this track went widely unnoticed. It has less than a quarter-million views on YouTube, which is more than expected considering the limited success. The song reached #19 on Billboard’s Dance Chart, however, that is as far as it went. Give it a listen and check out some of Kenna’s recent work as he has a new record out. This phenomenon is worth your while.


Imagine If Leonard Hofstadter Were Taller and Made Cool Music

This Englishman may look like a nerd, but he has mad skills as a performer. The track is starting to pick up a little steam (currently #42 on Mediabase’s Alternative Chart) and has the potential to go Top 10 and crossover to Top 40 stations if the record company has faith in him. We at DX sure do, but how about you?

This Band’s Career Across The Pond Has Been Criminal

Other than the single “Banquet”, this English group has had only one other U.S. Modern Rock Chart Hit and it’s the song represented in this video. It peaked at #24 back in 2007, but should have gone Top 5 easily and crossed over to those bubble gum stations.

Thankfully, the band is still putting out albums and their most recent peaked at #36. Will it yield a hit single in the States? Let’s hope so.

A Band Ahead of Its Time Due For a Comeback

The band reached international heights with their second record 22 years ago. That CD spawned two Billboard 100 Top 10 hits. Although this song was not one of them, it is from their third CD and was #1 on Billboard’s Modern Rock Chart in the U.S.. Their last CD was released nine years ago and they are doing some gigs later this year. Perhaps a new record is not asking too much.