New Hollow Is The Future and The Future Looks Good

@NewHollowBand is a trio comprised of Mookie Clouse, Chad Blashford, and Evan West who have just inked a deal with Epic Records, the former label of Flickerstick, Michael Jackson, and Bliss 66. On their Facebook page, New Hollow mentions The Smiths, The Naked And Famous, and HAIM as some of their influences. On what should be a surefire Top 40 Pop and Alternative hit “She Ain’t You”, the group channels successful young-but-veteran band Lifehouse. “She Ain’t You” won the Breakthrough Song Of 2013 Award from Sirius XM’s The Pulse. Based on that song alone, the band should have an excellent 2014 with all new ears hearing their tunes.

New Hollow’s success started several years ago with three consecutive trips to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales Chart, all with minimal to no radio airplay. This goes to show the superb marketing the band has been fortunate to have. Now that the group has a deal with Epic, will this translate into full-length CD sales? Only time will tell. It is the one thing that has plagued young bands in years past. Those groups might have had a song or two that received some heavy play on the music video channels and the radio, but the tracks did not resonate with enough paying consumers and the group loses its contract. Sales, sales, and sales are the name of the game these days and these blokes know how to play it.

A sense of the pride about New Hollow is that this is considered a “local” band. Their hometown of New Albany is a Columbus suburb in central Ohio. There has been a bevy of great talent to come out of the area. Watershed, Willie Phoenix, Howlin’ Maggie, Frostiva, The Sun, and Sean Benjamin are just a handful that come to mind. In this day and age, these young men have the best chance to succeed with all the various means to make money. There was no YouTube and iTunes when some of these artists were making their way through the scene. Here’s to New Hollow’s success in the past, the present, and a very bright future based on what has been seen and heard thus far.


Ed Sheeran May Get The Attention, But This Bloke Could Give Him A Run For His Money

Englishman Tom Odell is slowly making a name for himself in the States, something that “The A-Team” singer Ed Sheeran has done in the last couple of years. The song featured in this video ranks at #46 on the Adult Rock Chart this week. The downside is that it is down from last week, when it was ranked at #39. Hopefully, this lad with the Alex Band looks and the haunting, brooding voice will continue to make an impact. The video is up to over nine million views on YouTube.

Perhaps RCA Records will market Odell to the Hot AC and Alternative markets. They have fumbled in the past with acts like Damone and Longwave, but it would really be a shame if they let Odell fall through the cracks. Come see and hear what nine million viewers have discovered.

They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To: From An Artist Who Never Really Went Away

Connecticut-born and bred pop/soul singer Grayson Hugh had nine years of hard work pay off in the tail end of the 1980s when the song represented in this video peaked at #19 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. Hugh released his first record, a self-titled effort, in 1980. That’s not bad, considering he was 20 years old at the time.

Things began to fall apart for Hugh in the early 1990s, through no fault of his own. Record company politics left him with no contract, but he kept himself busy and it paid off with the 2010 release, ‘An American Record’. It is available at his shows now, which he performs with his wife and backup singer Polly Messer. In fact, his next gig is in Southington, CT on Fri. 9/20 at an intimate barbecue bar known for its live shows.

Hugh was able to score a hit when there was a lot more diversity on the charts. Last decade, Ricky Fante struggled to make a dent in the industry performing a similar style. Check out his older work and if you can, see Grayson Hugh live. You are not likely to hear him on the radio anytime soon and that is a shame.

Hoya Saxa: Popular Musical Act Recaptures Magic With New Single

Vertical Horizon (@VerticalHorizon), whose origin stems from a couple of Georgetown University students jamming, is launching a new record this fall with a free track available at the band’s official website. VH may have some new faces in the lineup, but the latest single “Broken Over You” brings the same awesome sound heard over a decade ago.

The Matt Scannell-led act might have sold the same amount of records and had as many Top 40 hits as similar artists like Matchbox Twenty and Nickelback, but record company red tape kept the group’s follow-up to album “Everything You Want” from widespread publicity. Despite the limited attention, the CD “Go” yielded three charting tracks: “I’m Still Here”, “Forever”, and “When You Cry”.

For the upcoming release, “Echoes From The Underground”, it appears the band is maintaining its independent roots and shying away from any major-label tampering. In this day and age of the social media boom, a lot of artists do not need it as much and can feel free to make music on their terms. As a matter of fact, the single “Broken Over You” is already #3 on the Alternative Addiction Top 20 Chart.

Until the new record drops, please check out a classic video from Vertical Horizon’s first heyday. The song peaked at #4 on Billboard’s Adult Top 40 and #23 on the Hot 100.

A Band Whose Success May Make Veteran Groups Jealous

Smallpools is an act that formed earlier this year and already has a record deal with a major (RCA). There are artists who work for years, if not decades, to become signed to a contract for more exposure and income. Some critically acclaimed groups like Frostiva , The Big Creak, and The Favors split up before that recording contract and radio airplay ever happen.

Not only is this band on RCA, but their song featured in this video, is #26 on the Mediabase Alternative Chart and climbing. Damone and Longwave, former members of the RCA family, never received that kind of success during their stints with the label.

After three weeks on YouTube, the video already has over 150,000 views. If it can surpass that magic number of a million and the song become licensed in a commercial or two, watch out.

A Band Featured In A Commercial Should Have More Attention Than This

This band is starting to get some attention in an AT&T ad, but it is not translating into YouTube Hits nor radio success. Not yet, at least. Please look for the Colourist and their track “Little Games” on a TV set near you, but hopefully online and on the Alternative and Pop Charts.

Now-Defunct Band From Down Under Should Have Had More U.S. Success

Powderfinger scored a huge hit in their native Australia with this single. It had marginal success in the States, peaking at #23 on Billboard’s Modern Rock Chart. If Train could cross over to the pop stations, why couldn’t this band have done the same? It is a moot point now, as the band parted ways a few years back. Will they reunite and if they do, can lightning strike one more time?