Revised Review of Reva’s “Landslide”



English quartet Reva (@wearereva) recently sent out their latest single “Landslide” in advance to a select crop of individuals. The band had released a ‘raw’ version several weeks back, however, the newer version is different in several ways. That is not necessarily a bad thing as the group prepares to release it to the masses this Thursday (15 May).


The original recorded version clocked in at over four minutes while the version fans will get to hear soon comes in slightly under three. The group is currently without a record deal and although they are doing fine without one, they know the game and want to play it well. It pays to have a radio-friendly single that is long enough to have substance but will not lose those listeners in this day and age of shorter attention spans.  This was a change that the band felt was necessary if they are going to progress as a recording artist.


One thing Reva fans and soon-to-be converts will notice about “Landslide” is how notable the drums are on the track. From beginning to end, the work behind the kit is clear and distinct. This is another point the group clearly wanted to tweak to make the track stand out. There is a lot more clarity with the guitars, making it quite splendid. Overall, the newly mixed version loses its garage feel, but this is a sacrifice for the greater good as Reva is clearly thinking about their musical futures and putting out what they want and how they want.


Reva has scored with “Landslide” and if there is justice, it will go viral and earn the group a well-deserved recording contract that will lead to more live shows across the globe. The single is old school alternative that will remind listeners of the great days of Oasis and Kula Shaker’s dominance on rock radio stations. In a little over a day, music enthusiasts will have a chance to hear the greatness for themselves.


*Photo courtesy of the group’s Facebook page

Review of Reva’s newest single “Landslide”

Liverpool-based four-piece band Reva (@wearereva) have scored with their most recent masterpiece “Landslide”. This is a tune reminiscent of a time when alternative music charts contained tracks from names like Kula Shaker, Superdrag, and Manbreak. Band members Lewis Cromby, Jake Larsen, Luke Lawler, and David Duff have captured the classic alternative Brit-pop to the letter on “Landslide” The track’s harmony and arrangement are reminiscent of what you might hear on songs from other bands Oasis and Vertical Horizon. That kind of familiarity can only be a good thing as Reva continues to travel the road to success.

The song rocks musically, of course, but on “Landslide” the vocals are spot on. Unfortunately, the band is unsigned so this gem may not have the number of listeners it deserves. There is no doubt Reva will do its best to ensure the masses get to hear their music.  They have built a name for themselves as a local band and are ready to take the entire homeland by storm. One of these days, the hard work will pay off and “Landslide” could find itself as a major hit on worldwide Alternative charts soon once Reva has inked a deal. This single is a mere taste of what this quartet has to offer and it is in one’s best interest to check out all of their material to make an informed decision.

*Photo courtesy of the band’s Facebook page.

The British Invasion Continues in the Form of Woman’s Hour

Londoners Woman’s Hour (@womanshourband) is a quartet in their third year of existence looking to make an impact in 2014. The foursome of singer Fiona Jane, guitarist brother William, Nick on bass, and keyboardist Josh have busted their bums to present a unique brand of music. The band is wasting no time attempting to expand its brand as they are in the midst of an international tour that is surely going to increase their profile.

Track “To The End” is a beautiful piece of work that combines Fiona Jane’s sweet vocals with an electronic backdrop. It is some of the songs that can make up the soundtrack of anyone’s life. A YouTube user described the tune as, “A song like when you dive into the water and forget everything around you.” Another single, “Our Love Has No Rhythm” is an intimate tale of awkward desire, but its presentation is a motivation to express desire. The song featured in the above video has the most YouTube views of them all, however, once the full-length is released watch out for Woman’s Hour to make some noise on the Adult Rock and Hot AC charts.

Woman’s Hour is looking to make noise on the independent scene sooner versus later with their world tour. Besides shows in their native England, the group has played Paris and will hold gigs in New York, Los Angeles, as well as the famous SXSW event in Austin, Texas. Based on what the band has provided thus far, 2014 looks to be a breakout year for these four Brits.

Artist on the Rise: Andrew Ferris

Photo courtesy of the artist's Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of the artist’s Facebook page.

Austria resident Andrew Ferris (@iamandrewferris), not to be confused with Australian Andrew Farriss of INXS, is a musician who takes pride in doing things the right way: his way. Disenchanted with what major labels have been churning out, Ferris’ uplifting-yet-grounded style of indie pop is a sigh of relief from overproduced fare clogging up the airwaves. He is making a name for himself for his covers, but Ferris’ original work is pretty superb and stands on its own legs.

For instance, off of his full-length debut release Yellow Lorry, the opening track “Smile” demonstrates its worth as an Adult Top 40 radio hit. Other standout tracks include the very upbeat “Little Bird” and the folksy tune “The Fall of Man”. Ferris shows a wonderful range on the record with a little bit of cafe folk, country, and pop rolled into nine neat and easy-listening songs.

Andrew Ferris has created brilliant soundtrack-esque music on Yellow Lorry. Who knows what excellence his next full-length record will bring.  Merely describing the mastery of the CD does not do it justice.  It is encouraged to check out the music for oneself and find out exactly how great this up-and-coming singer-songwriter is and will be for years to come.

The North’s Career Is Headed In The Same Direction

@TheNorthBandUK is a Sheffield-based quartet consisting of Christian Meadows, Si Shaw, Zak Richards, and Joel Haddon. They were named the NME Band To Watch in 2013 and best believe, the new year should be one in which they break out. The group has been putting together some old-school, rib-tickling rock n’ roll for the past couple of years.

The group’s influences include Oasis, Kasabian, Paul Weller, among others. When thinking of similar artists, fellow English band The Rifles also comes to mind. Although they are without a record deal at this time, given the sample of tracks in their arsenal (notably “No Man’s Land”, “Mistakes” and “Shotgun Lover”), they should have numerous companies looking to work with them in the future.

The North have nowhere to go but up when it comes to their music reaching more and more consumers in 2014. They are already #1 band in their region on ReverbNation, so they must be doing something right. The group has a widespread social media footprint with presences on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The track above is a mere taste of what they have to offer the public in the new year.

Band In First Year Of Existence Is Destined For Sophomore Success

What a year it has been for Manchester, England’s Puppet Rebellion (@PuppetRebellion). Until this past January, the band did not exist and they are highly regarded for their latest record and their live performances. Based on the chatter going on about the group, 2014 is bound to be bigger and brighter.

Puppet Rebellion consists of vocalist Simon Monaghan, Paul Trochowski and Craig Gibson on guitars, drummer Chris Carcamo, and James Halliwell on bass. This past summer, the EP Chemical Friends was released, receiving praise from journalists and music aficionados throughout the UK. One of the bands biggest accomplishments thus far was having their music played during a Manchester United match. They are without a record deal at this time, but if the accolades keep coming they should have several offers thrown their way very soon.

The new year brings a new record titled No Means Yes that is due in the early part of 2014. To make oneself familiar with what to expect from the band, take a listen to Chemical Friends at iTunes, SoundCloud, and other online retailers. Furthermore, survey the group’s performance on local TV series ‘Quality Control’ as seen in the video above. Puppet Rebellion plays back to back shows in their home country (Liverpool and Birmingham on January 17 and 18, respectively). Rock fans in those areas are advised to check out those gigs as the only way to really know what the fuss is all about is to see it live. This quintet is garnering a buzz and it is only a matter of time before a world tour is warranted. Puppet Rebellion’s future is now and it looks and sounds awesome.

If This Indie Band Keeps This Up, They Will Be Taking The World By Storm

Derby, England’s Eva Plays Dead (@EvaPlaysDead) is a proud, independent, DIY hard rock band that has been creating highly regarded performances all across the country. Given the scorching performance in the video for “Secret”, it will not be long before the quartet will be touring other countries as well. Rock fans all over the globe now have a chance to hear their work as their debut full-length record from Artifex Records, ‘Guilt Trips & Sins’, is available now at digital retailers such as Amazon and iTunes.

Formerly known as BuryTheLadybird, the foursome consists of Tiggy Dockerty on vocals, bassist Zach Shannon, drummer Seb Boyse and Matt Gascoyne on guitar. The change in the group’s sound compared to when they started prompted the name change. The band lists some of the most popular acts in music as their influences. The band is inspired by the likes of Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, and Rancid. Singer Dockerty, however, also lists classic soul performers Etta James and Etta Fitzgerald as influences. This demonstrates Eva Plays Dead’s ability to draw from various genres and styles to create a hybrid of music that fits in with what gets played on rock radio but they can claim as their own.

The band is getting known in their homeland for their live shows and next Thursday December 12, they will play a hometown Christmas show at the Victoria Inn. If you are in the area and have a chance to see them for their final booked gig of 2013, please do. Based on how they jammed in the featured video, it is sure to be a show no one will forget.

The Blokes Are Back, Although They Never Really Went Away

Over 20 years ago, Jesus Jones (@jesusjonesband) tasted success across the globe with their releases ‘Doubt’ and ‘Peverse’. These records spawned numerous pop and rock hits such as “The Devil You Know”, “International Bright Young Thing”, “Real, Real, Real,” and the song featured in this video. “Right Here Right Now” made it to #2 on the U.S. Pop Chart, only beaten out by EMF’s “Unbelievable”. Even with a change in drummer, the band continued to perform live and record throughout the late 1990s and into the last decade.

This year, the gang is going back on the road performing in their native land, with a show slated for November 15 in Derby. They also have a DVD to be released soon which can be pre-ordered at the band’s official website While there check up on the latest happenings and see what they have available for sale.

Unlike the artists who have recently become popular via social media that skeptics feel will fade away, Jesus Jones have managed to take care of themselves and provide quality performances for two and a half decades. 2004’s “Culture Vulture” remains an underrated tune that with the right label support would have been a Top 20 Alternative smash. Consider yourselves privileged if you have a chance to see them live. If the shows are a success and DVD sells well, perhaps that will lead to a new record or a U.S. leg of the tour. Fans can dream.

A Video With A Lovely Lass, Beautiful Scenery, And A Great Hook: What More Can You Ask For?

Sheffield, England-based group Kartica (Twitter: @Karticamusic) delivers the goods in their video for the tune “All Yours”. Mat Hook’s vocals are reminiscent of Canadian Bryan Adams and the music itself is a throwback to now-defunct Australian band Powderfinger. There is a drop of Oasis within the track and one opinion out there states Kartica can be as popular as the Brothers Gallaghers’ former musical act.

The video for “All Yours” delivers on displaying the beautiful countryside and neighbourhoods you would find in the U.K. Furthermore, the storyline of the beautiful traveling lady keeps viewers focused on where she will go next throughout the song. With the addition of a cool, catchy song in the background, the video is an overall win.

This song along with Kartica’s first single “Don’t You Think So?” among other songs are available for purchase at the band’s online shop. Based on the first two videos alone, it is a purchase one will not regret.

English Band Had a Few Minor Hits, But Their Best Track Failed to Chart

The group, last officially active circa 1987, made Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Charts three times. It is a shame this tune was not one of them. There is no reason this track should not have made an impact on the pop charts. The band’s second-best song, “Cocktail Queen”, also missed the charts. The music industry, especially on the radio side, is a strange beast at times.