Review of Reva’s newest single “Landslide”

Liverpool-based four-piece band Reva (@wearereva) have scored with their most recent masterpiece “Landslide”. This is a tune reminiscent of a time when alternative music charts contained tracks from names like Kula Shaker, Superdrag, and Manbreak. Band members Lewis Cromby, Jake Larsen, Luke Lawler, and David Duff have captured the classic alternative Brit-pop to the letter on “Landslide” The track’s harmony and arrangement are reminiscent of what you might hear on songs from other bands Oasis and Vertical Horizon. That kind of familiarity can only be a good thing as Reva continues to travel the road to success.

The song rocks musically, of course, but on “Landslide” the vocals are spot on. Unfortunately, the band is unsigned so this gem may not have the number of listeners it deserves. There is no doubt Reva will do its best to ensure the masses get to hear their music.  They have built a name for themselves as a local band and are ready to take the entire homeland by storm. One of these days, the hard work will pay off and “Landslide” could find itself as a major hit on worldwide Alternative charts soon once Reva has inked a deal. This single is a mere taste of what this quartet has to offer and it is in one’s best interest to check out all of their material to make an informed decision.

*Photo courtesy of the band’s Facebook page.


The British Invasion Continues in the Form of Woman’s Hour

Londoners Woman’s Hour (@womanshourband) is a quartet in their third year of existence looking to make an impact in 2014. The foursome of singer Fiona Jane, guitarist brother William, Nick on bass, and keyboardist Josh have busted their bums to present a unique brand of music. The band is wasting no time attempting to expand its brand as they are in the midst of an international tour that is surely going to increase their profile.

Track “To The End” is a beautiful piece of work that combines Fiona Jane’s sweet vocals with an electronic backdrop. It is some of the songs that can make up the soundtrack of anyone’s life. A YouTube user described the tune as, “A song like when you dive into the water and forget everything around you.” Another single, “Our Love Has No Rhythm” is an intimate tale of awkward desire, but its presentation is a motivation to express desire. The song featured in the above video has the most YouTube views of them all, however, once the full-length is released watch out for Woman’s Hour to make some noise on the Adult Rock and Hot AC charts.

Woman’s Hour is looking to make noise on the independent scene sooner versus later with their world tour. Besides shows in their native England, the group has played Paris and will hold gigs in New York, Los Angeles, as well as the famous SXSW event in Austin, Texas. Based on what the band has provided thus far, 2014 looks to be a breakout year for these four Brits.

The North’s Career Is Headed In The Same Direction

@TheNorthBandUK is a Sheffield-based quartet consisting of Christian Meadows, Si Shaw, Zak Richards, and Joel Haddon. They were named the NME Band To Watch in 2013 and best believe, the new year should be one in which they break out. The group has been putting together some old-school, rib-tickling rock n’ roll for the past couple of years.

The group’s influences include Oasis, Kasabian, Paul Weller, among others. When thinking of similar artists, fellow English band The Rifles also comes to mind. Although they are without a record deal at this time, given the sample of tracks in their arsenal (notably “No Man’s Land”, “Mistakes” and “Shotgun Lover”), they should have numerous companies looking to work with them in the future.

The North have nowhere to go but up when it comes to their music reaching more and more consumers in 2014. They are already #1 band in their region on ReverbNation, so they must be doing something right. The group has a widespread social media footprint with presences on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The track above is a mere taste of what they have to offer the public in the new year.

Ed Sheeran May Get The Attention, But This Bloke Could Give Him A Run For His Money

Englishman Tom Odell is slowly making a name for himself in the States, something that “The A-Team” singer Ed Sheeran has done in the last couple of years. The song featured in this video ranks at #46 on the Adult Rock Chart this week. The downside is that it is down from last week, when it was ranked at #39. Hopefully, this lad with the Alex Band looks and the haunting, brooding voice will continue to make an impact. The video is up to over nine million views on YouTube.

Perhaps RCA Records will market Odell to the Hot AC and Alternative markets. They have fumbled in the past with acts like Damone and Longwave, but it would really be a shame if they let Odell fall through the cracks. Come see and hear what nine million viewers have discovered.

Review of Friendly Faux’s (@Friendly_Faux) Self-Titled Debut Album

One August night after The Wet Darlings’ concert at Rumba Cafe, a complimentary copy of Friendly Faux’s recently released self-titled CD was discovered. With the nonchalant, coincidental method this record was found, expectations were minimal. After giving it a listen, this band can not afford to give away too many copies as they could make some serious money from the quality of what they have created.
Some songs on the record could be competitive on terrestrial radio airplay.  The ninth song, “All Capslock”, clearly displays the groups admiration for Nirvana. It is easily a song that could be stuck in people’s minds and lead to a resurgence into the grunge scene.  The first track, “Joke On A Rope”, is reminiscent British garage rock and could easily be a favorite of Modern Rock programmers on both sides of the Atlantic.
Friendly Faux provides a variety of tunes that some releases do not give the music consumer. No track is repetitive, leading one to wonder what is coming up next. “When Pluto was a Planet” is a short, haunting instrumental tune out of the playbooks of bands The End Of The Ocean and Audio Explorations. After that, the sixth song “Stop, Drop, & Drool” will remind the listener of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Cadaver Dogs.
“Then Again” may be the most uneven tune off of this album. Although it is a great sounding tune for the CD and for perhaps hearing live at a smoky bar, the constant tempo changes negate this track from being radio-friendly. That is, at least, on a grander scale. CD 102.5 in C-Bus might be able to sneak it on once. The eighth song, “Get Down With The Dregs” is probably at the top of the songs off the record to be very polished and ready for global listening.
Friendly Faux is an effort from a year-old band that is absolutely worthy of a download or better yet, a purchase at a live event. The trio is on tour now with their next show coming up on Monday, September 30 at the remodeledColumbus, OH hangout Kobo. If you can not make it out to hear them in the flesh, go to the group’s Bandcamp page and give it a shot. Both indie music fans and Friendly Faux have something to gain with this release.
*Photo courtesy of the band’s Facebook page

A Band Wade Barrett Could Be Proud Of

This Manchester-based group has hit alternative rock stations with this tune and are taking the U.S. by storm. Unfortunately, it looks like the track might bottom out as it is down in plays this week at #34, but do not let that stop you from enjoying this catchy track.

They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

This song from 1987 hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. in addition to being a Top 20 smash in his native England and in Australia. This is when the singer was at his best. After legal mishaps and political controversies, it is too bad he may never have that same mainstream worldwide success again.

A Model Whose Talent Expands Beyond Her Likeness

13 years ago, this track peaked at #29 on Billboard’s Adult Top 40 Chart. Although she has yet to have another hit, she is still highly regarded by a loyal fan base and hopefully will return to record music soon. Her last record dropped in 2009 before she chose family over fame.

This Group Should Have More Than One Hit

In 2002, this English band peaked at #28 on the Billboard Modern Rock Chart with “Good Souls”. On the other hand, in my opinion, this track along with “Poor Misguided Fool” are better singles and should have yielded the group some more success.

Had CD sales and a few more tunes cracked the Top 40, perhaps they would not be on hiatus. Let us hope the next album from them serves as a huge comeback.

Imagine If Leonard Hofstadter Were Taller and Made Cool Music

This Englishman may look like a nerd, but he has mad skills as a performer. The track is starting to pick up a little steam (currently #42 on Mediabase’s Alternative Chart) and has the potential to go Top 10 and crossover to Top 40 stations if the record company has faith in him. We at DX sure do, but how about you?