You Can’t Think of Riot Grrrl Music Without This Group

Alternative rock outfit L7 had a lengthy run, starting in 1985 and having last played together in 2001. They had a couple of Top 40 Modern Rock hits, with this video representing the song that peaked at #8 on Billboard’s chart. Heavier than groups like The Bangles and The Go-Gos and edgier than The Runaways and Vixen, L7 helped in paving the way for women who want to rock just as loud as raunchy male groups. Harlow, Kittie, and Hole are three musical acts that benefited from the existence of L7, if not surpassing the popularity of them.

Singer and guitarist, Donita Sparks, has gone on to form her own band, known as The Stellar Moments. They released a record as recently as five years ago. Look for the track “Infancy of a Disaster” on YouTube. I am sure more great in-your-face rock is to follow from this controversial, pioneering figure.