The Blokes Are Back, Although They Never Really Went Away

Over 20 years ago, Jesus Jones (@jesusjonesband) tasted success across the globe with their releases ‘Doubt’ and ‘Peverse’. These records spawned numerous pop and rock hits such as “The Devil You Know”, “International Bright Young Thing”, “Real, Real, Real,” and the song featured in this video. “Right Here Right Now” made it to #2 on the U.S. Pop Chart, only beaten out by EMF’s “Unbelievable”. Even with a change in drummer, the band continued to perform live and record throughout the late 1990s and into the last decade.

This year, the gang is going back on the road performing in their native land, with a show slated for November 15 in Derby. They also have a DVD to be released soon which can be pre-ordered at the band’s official website While there check up on the latest happenings and see what they have available for sale.

Unlike the artists who have recently become popular via social media that skeptics feel will fade away, Jesus Jones have managed to take care of themselves and provide quality performances for two and a half decades. 2004’s “Culture Vulture” remains an underrated tune that with the right label support would have been a Top 20 Alternative smash. Consider yourselves privileged if you have a chance to see them live. If the shows are a success and DVD sells well, perhaps that will lead to a new record or a U.S. leg of the tour. Fans can dream.