Artist Showcase: Nick Frye (presented by DX Entertainment)

Nick Frye is an American musician who calls Columbus, OH home. This past March, Frye released a four-song EP that is pure genius. The tunes are sharp from top to bottom and after a listen, indie music lovers are going to want more from Frye. He was a drummer for now-defunct Ohio band Bonneville, but has the aptitude to make a serious go of it as a soloist.

The record kicks off with “ZUCKER!”, a tune that gives off the funky image of Adam Ant as frontman of Neon Trees. It’s definitely a track that’s ready for massive radio play. Perhaps that will come one day. “Miles” is the second tune and the song featured in the video above. This track is the epitome of modern electronica with elements of 80s music thrown in. It’s another gem that is worthy of hitting the airwaves.

The longest track is “Phony” and it has more of an 80s sound than the previous tunes on the EP. That alone makes it a standout on its own. It would have been a smash hit back in the day. The final song “You’re So Tired” is the shortest one and is more of a throwback than the prior efforts on the album. This EP leaves listeners wanting more and here is hoping Frye has a successful run to create another record and cash in on his talent.

Listeners will have a chance to see and hear Nick Frye up close and personal as he opens an amazing night of indie rock at King Avenue 5 in Columbus, OH on Friday, October 24. Also performing that night are Motherfolk and the headliner Pseudoname. Admission costs $5.00 at the door and the venue is only two miles southwest of The Ohio State University. It will be well worth it to hear Frye bring his ready for radio tunes to an intimate venue live and in living color.

This record is available now at Bandcamp.

This record is available now at Bandcamp.

The British 80’s Invasion Is Underway

Imagine you are living thirty years earlier and you attended a show at a nightclub in England. You would have Amelia’s Fault. This track is that much of a throwback, but it should do well in 2013 as well.

Taken from, Amelia’s Fault creates dark, atmospheric electropop… like what you might hear if Massive Attack checked into the Bates Motel on its way to Twin Peaks.

Amelia’s Fault is a new project created by Swedish songwriter/producer Matt Eriksson (aka Stormby) with English songwriter Richard Hymas (Ulrik Munther) and American lyricist Charlie Mason (Cinema Bizarre).

The act’s first single, “Colder,” is out on Ninthwave Records and features vocals by Color Theory.

To the casual listener, it may sound like a love song, but the lyrics are utterly and despicably cruel.

A Poppy R&B Song that Can Bring a Man to Tears

They had a fairly short shelf life, but made the most of it in the late 1980s. This track went to #2 in the U.S.. Not bad for some young, clean-shaven Brits. Sadly, due to other projects and a deceased band member, they will probably never play as a cohesive unit again. Love this love song as you can.