Artist Showcase: They’re Coming They’re Coming (presented by DX Entertainment)

They’re Coming They’re Coming (@TCTCMusic) is an American Alternative rock quartet currently calling Columbus, OH its homebase. This group is known for its high energy live shows in which each and every band member leaves it all on the stage. The foursome is made up of lead vocalist and keyboardist James Anderson, Griffin Brink, Maximus Sheddenhouse, and Louis Liphart. The band has been extremely busy over the past couple of months gracing stages throughout central Ohio.  It will be a privilege to have them headline DX Entertainment’s inaugural show on Friday, October 17 at King Avenue 5 near the Ohio State University campus in Columbus. They will be joined by RadioU artist Truslow and trio Something Keen. With They’re Coming They’re Coming’s presence, it is sure to be a night to remember.

This past January, the group released their self-titled four song EP and it is a solid effort from start to finish. “Deceive”, the longest track on the EP, kicks it off and is always a hoot to hear at They’re Coming They’re Coming’s live shows.  It is a track that has potential as a radio single. “That Girl” is catchy enough to be a huge hit as well as the guitar on the track is quite impressive. The same can be mentioned about “HUM” with tremendous play of the guitar and the bass. The final track shows the most potential to be a breakthrough hit. With some remastering for the big leagues, the EP has a good chance to sell. The best thing, however, is that by the band being unsigned and their drive to put themselves out there, the record is available free via Bandcamp. Alternative music lovers are best served to download a copy while they can where they will get several amazing tunes for no cost from a group deserving of a contract and a chance to make it big.

ReverbNation is also another amazing place to visit the band and is home to “The Tree”, a tune that will have you on your feet dancing like a wild person. It is clear as crystal They’re Coming They’re Coming have earned a big break and perhaps it will come sooner versus later.  Do not take a blogger’s word for it alone, as there is no reason not to hear how splendid they are since the tunes are currently complimentary. For those who enjoy what they have heard thus far, They’re Coming They’re Coming will grace the stage at Dude Locker’s Worst Kept Secret Fest this coming Saturday, October 11 with several other musicians, including Something Keen. Six days later, the quartet will be back at it as the main act of a three-band show under the DX Entertainment banner. Check them out while you can as these guys are looking forward and if someone does not come along for the ride, they are going to get left behind and miss out on the work of these blokes.


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