Artist Showcase: Something Keen (presented by DX Entertainment)

@SomethingKeen is a Columbus, OH trio whose musical influences include Foo Fighters,  Cage The Elephant, and Rush. The band consists of Steve Knapp on guitar and lead vocals, bassist James Walsh, and Rob Shield behind the kit. The group was founded in 2012 and in that time the three-piece has released a couple of EPs. It is foreseeable the band will perform all eight tunes among the albums during their upcoming shows on Friday, September 26 and the big one on Friday, October 17. It is also foreseeable Something Keen will break out some other tracks as well to shake things up.  The trio is quite polished and intelligent and know that shaking things up from show to show is the best way to make each gig special.

Off of the group’s self-titled record, “Cracks” is the standout track that would fit like a glove in rotation on college radio playlists. One interesting about this EP is that each track has a one-word title. “Tender” is the second track on the album that has a radio-friendly length and it has a Zeppelin meets Scorpions vibe about it.  The garage rock-esque “Found” is the longest tune on the EP clocking in at 6:09, but sound wise is probably the second best chance of a radio hit. The unfortunate thing is that the tune would have to have over a minute trimmed from it to make it mainstream.  It is clear Something Keen is going to do things their way and if people dig it, that is fine by them.  Their second EP, Red Night Sky, follows the same pattern with two tunes typically longer than your usual radio fare, however, the group should be proud of what they have put out on their terms.  Tracks from that record are available below to sample just what Something Keen has to offer.

Their September 26 gig takes place at the new venue Tatoheads in the southern part of Columbus, OH. DX Entertainment headliners They’re  Coming They’re Coming will be part of that show as well as acts Nude Art and A Fellow Man.  Something Keen and They’re Coming They’re Coming team up once more at DX Entertainment’s inaugural show on Friday, October 17 at King Avenue 5 with RadioU artist Truslow sandwiched in the middle. With a couple of options to see this prolific act jam this fall, local indie music lovers are fresh out of excuses not to come to at least one of the events. The group has a presence on ReverbNation, Facebook, Bandcamp, as well as their own website for more details.  Something Keen is definitely something to behold.


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