Artist Showcase: Waking Jordan

@WakingJordan is an American quartet consisting of Kelly Potter, Kaleb Aaron, Steven Kent, and Trent Koritansky. The Boise-based band formed in 2011 and is building quite a nice social media fan base.  Word is they put on a really good live show, so the more gigs they play the larger the word of mouth will be, hence increasing the turnout each show.  They are building attention with music lovers, but it is now time for record company Executives to take note as this group is the real deal. The band has release two records without major label help, but with their talent if they had that kind of support they would definitely live up to the hype.

Waking Jordan is obviously serious about delivering solid tunes with crisp production.  Off of their 2013 release Here or There, “Mr. Right” and “Bury Me” pure pop bliss reminiscent of another DIY band with a grassroots following. Think of the Idaho four-piece as the Red Wanting Blue of the Northwest. The song featured in the video above is ready for the Top 40 charts and allows singer Kelly Potter to demonstrate some Macklemore-like skills.  This song deserves to reach a worldwide audience and licensing in motion pictures and television programs should not be out of the question if the circumstances are right.

The group is all about the music, but they also have hearts.  On ReverbNation, the band has partnered with Love Hope Strength to donate a portion of their download revenue. The Temporary Home Foundation is another non-profit organization Waking Jordan is involved with. This is a charity that provides housing and self-improvement opportunities for 18-23 year-olds after they have outgrown the foster care system. It would be excellent for the band to have a chance to make enough revenue to not only tour, make more records, but to provide a fraction of their proceeds to their charities on an ongoing basis.

The group is well on its way to going places, literally and figuratively.  They have sponsors for their upcoming tour and their next listed gig is on Halloween and then they embark on playing several gigs on the west coast in November.  Waking Jordan is showing that they are doing all the right things, but it is time for big wigs to take notice and give this foursome the international stage they deserve.  Those who love quality music should be hearing things from Waking Jordan for years to come.


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