Drop The Anchor Dropping a New EP

Drop The Anchor (@droptheanchorin) is an American quartet calling Indianapolis home. The group formed in 2011 and currently consist of vocalist Mark Lane, bassist Eddie Rector, drummer Bryan Davies, and guitarist Harold Navarrete. In the band’s short existence, they have released a Christmas-themed song “The December I Won’t Remember” and a 2012 EP titled In a Way, It’s Everything. 


Drop The Anchor has the most recent album’s tunes available at their official YouTube page. The standout tracks from the record include “Go Hard Or Go Home”, “Casino Destroyale”, and “Actions.” They are definitely reminiscent of popular artists All Time Low and A Day To Remember, two groups that inspire the Indiana foursome.  The band was fortunate enough to have the record released through Stand Firm Records. 


Also at their YouTube page is a lyric video for “Loose Lips Sink Ships”, which is a tune off of a forthcoming EP due out next month. If this song goes viral, it can lead to some big things for the group. If the rest of the album sounds anything like the new track, it should take off. Having thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook certainly helps.  The second half of the year and beyond should be great for this energetic and talented band.  


*Photo courtesy of the band’s Facebook page; taken by Easter Daily Photography



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