LoveSick Radio Should Be On the Radio

LoveSick Radio (@lovesickradio) is a Las Vegas-based quartet that originated in Columbus, OH in 2006. The group’s co-founders are vocalist Justin Theriault and guitarist David Harris. Harris is a veteran of the Ohio rock scene as a former member of bands Pay The Girl and Frickin’ A. Both of those bands had some success and together, Harris and Theriault hope to make LoveSick Radio even more successful. The group has succeeded in terms of longevity, but the mission is far from over.

Rounding out the four-piece act are drummer Scott McCann and Josh Masters on bass. They paid their dues as a regional act in Ohio for several years before electing to expand their brand by heading out west. Despite being without a record deal, LSR have shared stages with highly regarded acts like Bon Jovi, The Fray, Kid Rock, among others. The group continues to put themselves out there by playing as many festivals as possible. This is smart because it allows them to play not only in front of music fans, but VIPs in the business such as tour managers for high-profile musicians and established artists themselves. LoveSick Radio are not only great musicians, but fine Americans as they have been a part of gigs for the U.S. Armed Forces overseas.

LSR received minimal radio play with the track “Boys Don’t Matter” and it peaked within the Pop Top 50, a great feat for a band without a proper record deal. LoveSick Radio, should have a deal by now and the tune “Numb Me Up” is well deserving of peaking within the Top 40 of both the Alternative and Pop charts. The group is definitely on the right track to join other bands formed in Columbus such as Howlin’ Maggie and Saving Jane and score in the Top 40. Based on their track record, 2014 should be a huge year for the quartet to make that happen.


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