Revised Review of Reva’s “Landslide”



English quartet Reva (@wearereva) recently sent out their latest single “Landslide” in advance to a select crop of individuals. The band had released a ‘raw’ version several weeks back, however, the newer version is different in several ways. That is not necessarily a bad thing as the group prepares to release it to the masses this Thursday (15 May).


The original recorded version clocked in at over four minutes while the version fans will get to hear soon comes in slightly under three. The group is currently without a record deal and although they are doing fine without one, they know the game and want to play it well. It pays to have a radio-friendly single that is long enough to have substance but will not lose those listeners in this day and age of shorter attention spans.  This was a change that the band felt was necessary if they are going to progress as a recording artist.


One thing Reva fans and soon-to-be converts will notice about “Landslide” is how notable the drums are on the track. From beginning to end, the work behind the kit is clear and distinct. This is another point the group clearly wanted to tweak to make the track stand out. There is a lot more clarity with the guitars, making it quite splendid. Overall, the newly mixed version loses its garage feel, but this is a sacrifice for the greater good as Reva is clearly thinking about their musical futures and putting out what they want and how they want.


Reva has scored with “Landslide” and if there is justice, it will go viral and earn the group a well-deserved recording contract that will lead to more live shows across the globe. The single is old school alternative that will remind listeners of the great days of Oasis and Kula Shaker’s dominance on rock radio stations. In a little over a day, music enthusiasts will have a chance to hear the greatness for themselves.


*Photo courtesy of the group’s Facebook page


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