Sounds of Seattle Band a Strong Indicator of a Successful Future

Seattle’s Peace Mercutio (@peacemercutio) is a quartet that is on its way to big and bright things in 2014. The group originally formed in Milwaukee and made their way westward to the Grunge capital. 2011 was a very big year for the group as their full-length record Weather The Storm was released to digital retailers. Ever since, things have looked up for the band. They have received airplay on over 130 college radio stations and given their easy-on-the-ears sound, the trend should continue to mainstream alternative stations should the band secure a record deal. Honestly, they seem to be doing just fine without a contract, which gives Peace Mercutio the freedom to do things on their terms.

The group is about to go out on the road with popular Radio U artists The Classic Crime and Emery and the western U.S. tour kicks off on Friday 1/24 in their backyard of Seattle. Word of mouth from live events is a smart way for a budding artist to expand their band and build their fan base. By already having material available for fans to purchase, this group is well on the way to generating more revenue and increasing their awareness. If all goes well, it is fathomable for Peace Mercutio to take part in an eastern tour one day.

What does Peace Mercutio sound like? Per the band’s official bio, they drop a who’s who of respected groups such as Jimmy Eat World and Anberlin. There is only one true way to find out about the group’s sound and that is to check out the video included. The band, consisting of dual vocalists and guitarists Andy Lundman and Dan Buckley bring an uncommon and fresh concept to sharing the lead. Rounding out the group are Taylor Jurgens on drums and bassist David Oquist. The single posted here is just a mere taste of what this artist on the rise has to offer. It is in music consumers’ best interest to remember the name Peace Mercutio as 2014 is bound to be huge.


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