Band In First Year Of Existence Is Destined For Sophomore Success

What a year it has been for Manchester, England’s Puppet Rebellion (@PuppetRebellion). Until this past January, the band did not exist and they are highly regarded for their latest record and their live performances. Based on the chatter going on about the group, 2014 is bound to be bigger and brighter.

Puppet Rebellion consists of vocalist Simon Monaghan, Paul Trochowski and Craig Gibson on guitars, drummer Chris Carcamo, and James Halliwell on bass. This past summer, the EP Chemical Friends was released, receiving praise from journalists and music aficionados throughout the UK. One of the bands biggest accomplishments thus far was having their music played during a Manchester United match. They are without a record deal at this time, but if the accolades keep coming they should have several offers thrown their way very soon.

The new year brings a new record titled No Means Yes that is due in the early part of 2014. To make oneself familiar with what to expect from the band, take a listen to Chemical Friends at iTunes, SoundCloud, and other online retailers. Furthermore, survey the group’s performance on local TV series ‘Quality Control’ as seen in the video above. Puppet Rebellion plays back to back shows in their home country (Liverpool and Birmingham on January 17 and 18, respectively). Rock fans in those areas are advised to check out those gigs as the only way to really know what the fuss is all about is to see it live. This quintet is garnering a buzz and it is only a matter of time before a world tour is warranted. Puppet Rebellion’s future is now and it looks and sounds awesome.


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