If This Indie Band Keeps This Up, They Will Be Taking The World By Storm

Derby, England’s Eva Plays Dead (@EvaPlaysDead) is a proud, independent, DIY hard rock band that has been creating highly regarded performances all across the country. Given the scorching performance in the video for “Secret”, it will not be long before the quartet will be touring other countries as well. Rock fans all over the globe now have a chance to hear their work as their debut full-length record from Artifex Records, ‘Guilt Trips & Sins’, is available now at digital retailers such as Amazon and iTunes.

Formerly known as BuryTheLadybird, the foursome consists of Tiggy Dockerty on vocals, bassist Zach Shannon, drummer Seb Boyse and Matt Gascoyne on guitar. The change in the group’s sound compared to when they started prompted the name change. The band lists some of the most popular acts in music as their influences. The band is inspired by the likes of Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, and Rancid. Singer Dockerty, however, also lists classic soul performers Etta James and Etta Fitzgerald as influences. This demonstrates Eva Plays Dead’s ability to draw from various genres and styles to create a hybrid of music that fits in with what gets played on rock radio but they can claim as their own.

The band is getting known in their homeland for their live shows and next Thursday December 12, they will play a hometown Christmas show at the Victoria Inn. If you are in the area and have a chance to see them for their final booked gig of 2013, please do. Based on how they jammed in the featured video, it is sure to be a show no one will forget.


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