Stripped Down Indie Rock Done Right

Columbus, OH-based One Forty Three (@OHonefortythree) is a group that has been plugging away for seven years, but are on the verge of a breakthrough. Per the group’s Facebook page, they have done gigs featuring highly regarded groups A Day To Remember and Permanent Me. Their YouTube videos give raw versions of their tracks that stand on their own as brilliant works. The video version of “Tune In” has TV and movie soundtrack written all over it. The EP version, featured on the current release titled O’ You Evil, could also be a single heard on Alternative radio stations. Speaking of which, if WWCD 102.5, the hometown’s premier independently-owned Alternative station, should be playing this track as this fits right in with the tunes currently in rotation.

O’ You Evil EP is actually the quintet’s second release this year, following the album ‘This ‘Reaction, released in June. That is a very bold move, however, the group is clearly optimistic regarding putting out so much new music in a short span. There can never be too much high quality music, though.

In addition to a big year in terms of recorded music, the group has a full plate of local one-off live events planned for the next few months. For their next show, they will play at the famous Tree Bar (formerly Andyman’s) on Friday, November 15. Avid indie music lovers should take a look at the video and check out their music on Bandcamp to make an informed decision to come see what One Forty Three brings to the stage.

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