Veruca Salt Is Not Dead; The Outlook Is Mostly Sunny

The San Diego-based act Mostly Sunny (@mostlysunny) has garnered some attention for the tune “More Than Anyone Else” since its airing in a Red Vines licorice commercial. This commercial primarily airs during Pac-12 Network telecasts, so most East Coasters may be unfamiliar with the tune.

The song is a throwback to the female-led groups of the 1990s Veruca Salt and Luscious Jackson. The lyrics combined with singer Jenni McElrath’s poppy voice are an excellent reminder of emo grrl music that charted nearly 20 years ago. Will this tune become a viral hit in 2013? Who knows and who cares? There is a place for classic alternative music and “More Than Anyone Else” fits like a glove.

The band seems to be doing well for themselves out west thus far. In their genre, they are the #9 ranked artist in San Diego on ReverbNation. Music veteran McElrath recorded this particular song without mates Danny Wallis and Mike Fish and their latest recordings such as “Maybe Someday” are a departure from the 90s alt-rock sound, but equally lovely and worth hearing.


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