Substance Over Style: Why Kerosintini Should Surpass t.A.T.u

Rodion and Marina, better known as Kerosintini (@KerosintinI), is a Russian electronica duo who show Top 40 Pop potential with “You Are Going Insane”. Back in the mid-1990s and last decade, this would have been a surefire hit with mainstream radio programmers. In this social media era, to be a hit a song does not necessarily need to be overplayed on the radio. Millions of views of a single video can generate revenue and increase downloads and CD sales.

This tandem is the ultimate DIY group, as they handle all of the production themselves right down to the video featured here. It is shy of a million views now, but with the proper awareness nothing is going to hold Kerosintini back from international success.

t.A.T.u, a one-time global sensation, made it big with “All The Things She Said”, a highly regarded pop rock track with a controversial music video in tow. The video’s theme and the band’s “gimmick” were off-putting to some music consumers and Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova’s popularity waned. Rodion and Marina are a nice looking pair, but they are going to let the music they produce and perform speak for itself.


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