Song By Midwestern Duo Could Be The Soundtrack To One’s Life

Clemency (@ClemencyMusic on Twitter) is an American two-piece outfit consisting of the brothers Watkins, Paul and Jason. The track “My Heart Is the Eastern Horizon” is easily a brilliant piece of art (musically and vocally) that could be heard on AC and Adult Rock stations. Per the band’s Facebook page, the Watkins’ faith is very important to them. Could some airplay on non-profit entity Radio U be in the cards?

“My Heart Is the Eastern Horizon” could easily be in the background of heartwarming TV show or movie scenes (think of a couple’s breakup on “Grey’s Anatomy”). Coincidentally, a YouTube user wants to use the band’s music for a film. Hopefully, the band will give their consent and be handsomely rewarded for it in the end. This is one of many tunes from Clemency due to be exposed to the buying public.

This band is ready for prime time, with their music available on national online retailers Amazon and iTunes. They currently call Nashville home, but starting on Wednesday, October 16, Clemency will embark on a U.S. tour with highly regarded indie rockers Abandon Kansas and (for select dates) Seabird. Please check the group’s social media platforms for details. If they are half as good live as they are recorded, the music world should be hearing from Clemency for years to come.

Similar artists: Jars Of Clay, Turin Brakes


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