Review of Friendly Faux’s (@Friendly_Faux) Self-Titled Debut Album

One August night after The Wet Darlings’ concert at Rumba Cafe, a complimentary copy of Friendly Faux’s recently released self-titled CD was discovered. With the nonchalant, coincidental method this record was found, expectations were minimal. After giving it a listen, this band can not afford to give away too many copies as they could make some serious money from the quality of what they have created.
Some songs on the record could be competitive on terrestrial radio airplay.  The ninth song, “All Capslock”, clearly displays the groups admiration for Nirvana. It is easily a song that could be stuck in people’s minds and lead to a resurgence into the grunge scene.  The first track, “Joke On A Rope”, is reminiscent British garage rock and could easily be a favorite of Modern Rock programmers on both sides of the Atlantic.
Friendly Faux provides a variety of tunes that some releases do not give the music consumer. No track is repetitive, leading one to wonder what is coming up next. “When Pluto was a Planet” is a short, haunting instrumental tune out of the playbooks of bands The End Of The Ocean and Audio Explorations. After that, the sixth song “Stop, Drop, & Drool” will remind the listener of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Cadaver Dogs.
“Then Again” may be the most uneven tune off of this album. Although it is a great sounding tune for the CD and for perhaps hearing live at a smoky bar, the constant tempo changes negate this track from being radio-friendly. That is, at least, on a grander scale. CD 102.5 in C-Bus might be able to sneak it on once. The eighth song, “Get Down With The Dregs” is probably at the top of the songs off the record to be very polished and ready for global listening.
Friendly Faux is an effort from a year-old band that is absolutely worthy of a download or better yet, a purchase at a live event. The trio is on tour now with their next show coming up on Monday, September 30 at the remodeledColumbus, OH hangout Kobo. If you can not make it out to hear them in the flesh, go to the group’s Bandcamp page and give it a shot. Both indie music fans and Friendly Faux have something to gain with this release.
*Photo courtesy of the band’s Facebook page

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