A Video With A Lovely Lass, Beautiful Scenery, And A Great Hook: What More Can You Ask For?

Sheffield, England-based group Kartica (Twitter: @Karticamusic) delivers the goods in their video for the tune “All Yours”. Mat Hook’s vocals are reminiscent of Canadian Bryan Adams and the music itself is a throwback to now-defunct Australian band Powderfinger. There is a drop of Oasis within the track and one opinion out there states Kartica can be as popular as the Brothers Gallaghers’ former musical act.

The video for “All Yours” delivers on displaying the beautiful countryside and neighbourhoods you would find in the U.K. Furthermore, the storyline of the beautiful traveling lady keeps viewers focused on where she will go next throughout the song. With the addition of a cool, catchy song in the background, the video is an overall win.

This song along with Kartica’s first single “Don’t You Think So?” among other songs are available for purchase at the band’s online shop. Based on the first two videos alone, it is a purchase one will not regret.


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