Hoya Saxa: Popular Musical Act Recaptures Magic With New Single

Vertical Horizon (@VerticalHorizon), whose origin stems from a couple of Georgetown University students jamming, is launching a new record this fall with a free track available at the band’s official website. VH may have some new faces in the lineup, but the latest single “Broken Over You” brings the same awesome sound heard over a decade ago.

The Matt Scannell-led act might have sold the same amount of records and had as many Top 40 hits as similar artists like Matchbox Twenty and Nickelback, but record company red tape kept the group’s follow-up to album “Everything You Want” from widespread publicity. Despite the limited attention, the CD “Go” yielded three charting tracks: “I’m Still Here”, “Forever”, and “When You Cry”.

For the upcoming release, “Echoes From The Underground”, it appears the band is maintaining its independent roots and shying away from any major-label tampering. In this day and age of the social media boom, a lot of artists do not need it as much and can feel free to make music on their terms. As a matter of fact, the single “Broken Over You” is already #3 on the Alternative Addiction Top 20 Chart.

Until the new record drops, please check out a classic video from Vertical Horizon’s first heyday. The song peaked at #4 on Billboard’s Adult Top 40 and #23 on the Hot 100.


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